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  Original Poetry (A. S. Kline):

Collections of original poetry in the mainstream European tradition, in order of composition.

1. Perspectives.         2. From the Mountain.

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3. Looking Back At Earth.     4. Nature and Spirit.

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5. The Presence of Light.      6. The Singing Of The Real World.

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7. Values.                              8. The Gate Of Grass.

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9. No Roots Except In Air.     10. Entangled Clouds.      


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11. Slipping By.             12. The Other Side of Silence.


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    13. Poetry, Charity.      14. Voiceless Banners Blowing. 


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    15.   Deep Fields.       16.   Pollen In The Air.


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17.   No Design.     18.   Dark Matter.


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19.   Irreality.     20.   Wayfaring.


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21.   Freedom and Meaning.   22 Another Nature   


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  Translations and Critical Works:


Like Water or Clouds: The Tang Dynasty and the Tao. A study of Taoism and the history of Tang China, with biographies of the poets Wang Wei, Li Po, and Tu Fu, and new translations of their poetry.

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Tao Te Ching: The Taoist Classic text.

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Han-shan: Words from Cold Mountain. Twenty-seven poems.

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•  English:

Beowulf: a new translation from the Old English.

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Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales: a modernised version or translation, retaining Chaucer's rhyme scheme, and close to the original, but eliminating archaisms which would require explanatory notes.

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Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde: a similarly modernised version.

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Chaucer: The Dream Poems and Other Works: a similarly modernised version, including:

The Book of the Duchess

The House of Fame

The Parliament of Fowls

The Legend of Good Women

Selected Shorter Poems - including Merciless Beauty

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Donne: The Songs and Sonnets, each with a prose equivalent to aid comprehension.

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Shakespeare: A new Anthology of 1400 Quotations from the complete works arranged by theme.

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Sidney: The complete sonnets of Astrophil & Stella, each with a prose equivalent to aid comprehension.

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: a modernised version or translation, retaining the alliterative style, and close to the original, but eliminating archaisms which would require explanatory notes.

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Storming Heaven:  Biographies of four famous Elizabethans: Essex, Marlowe, Raleigh and Donne, within the context of the history of ideas, with reference to poetry, astrology, history, and mythology including the concept of the Goddess.

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The Compound Ghost: An original essay on Poetic translation.

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The Seafarer: Translated from the Anglo-Saxon of the Exeter Book.

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The Wanderer: Translated from the Anglo-Saxon of the Exeter Book.

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•  French:


A selection of poems by Guillaume Apollinaire including poems from Alcools, Vitam Impendere Amori, and The Bestiary complete with the Raoul Dufy woodcuts.

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Aucassin & Nicolette

 The charming 13th century French ‘chantefable’.

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Eighty-eight major poems in verse translation.

Voyage to Modernity: a study of his poetry. The download file text is hyper-linked to the selection of eighty-eight poems, arranged in roughly chronological order of composition.

Extracts from his prose.

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André Breton's First Surrealist Manifesto of 1924 in a new translation.

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Chateaubriand's Memoirs: A new complete translation of his prose Memoirs, Mémoires d’outre-tombe, with an in-depth hyper-linked index.

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Atala: Love and religion in the wilds of America.

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René: A new translation of this key text of French Romanticism. The sequel to Atala.

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The Last of the Abencerrajes: A new translation of his tale of thwarted love set in Moorish Granada.

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Travels in Italy: A new authoritative translation of Chateaubriand's travel notes Voyage en Italie. Romantic Classicism among the ruins!

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The Itinerary: A new authoritative translation of Chateaubriand's Record of a Journey from Paris to Jerusalem and Back (Itinéraire de Paris à Jérusalem et de Jérusalem à Paris).

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His drama, Le Cid, in English verse.

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Du Bellay:

The Ruins of Rome: Joachim Du Bellay's Les Antiquités de Rome.

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Selected  Poems: From L'Olive augmentée, Les Regrets, and others.

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Twenty-four poems in translation.

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Sixteen more poems in translation.

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 Thirty-seven poems in translation.

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Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard’. The formatted French text, a formatted English translation, and a compressed and punctuated translation to allow rapid grasp of the whole.

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Fragments - Anatole's Tomb. An adaptation of selected fragments written after the death of his young son.

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His drama, Phaedra, in a new English verse translation.

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His drama, Andromache, in a new English verse translation.

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A selection of his poetry including early poems,  Les Illuminations and Une Saison En Enfer both complete, and an extract from the 'Voyant' Letter.

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 Selected poems, in English verse.

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 Cyrano de Bergerac, in English verse.

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Seventy-three poems in translation. 

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Selected poems in verse translation, including Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis, Les Regrets de la Belle Heaulmière, and Ballade des Pendus.

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Troubadour Verse

Sixty poems of the Troubadours translated from the Occitan. The translations are close to the originals in content, rhyme-scheme and rhythm. Included are translations of poems by Guillaume de Poitiers, Jaufre Rudel, Beatritz de Dia, Bernart de Ventadorn, Arnaut Daniel, Peire Vidal, Bertran de Born, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, Guillem de Cabestan, Sordello, and others.

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Early French Poetry:

A selection of poems from Early France. Including translations of poems by Marie de France, Arnaut Daniel, Bertran de Born, Thibaut IV Roi de Navarre, Guillaume de Machaut, Eustace Deschamps, Christine de Pisan, and Charles d'Orléans.

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French Poetry of the 19th Century

Selected Poems from the French 19th century including poems by Victor Hugo, Gérard de Nerval, Alfred de Musset, Théophile Gautier, Leconte de Lisle, Stéphane Mallarmé, Paul Verlaine, Jules Laforgue and Guillaume Apollinaire.

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French Poetry of the 20th Century

Selected Poems from the French early to mid-20th century including poems by Apollinaire, Supervielle, Breton, Tzara, Eluard, Artaud, Aragon, Desnos, Prévert, Ponge, Char, and others.

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Georgian (Kartuli):

• Translated by Lela Jgerenaia


A new translation of his Classic 19th Century Georgian poem Host and Guest.

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Selected Poems. Twenty-five poems of Paul Celan.

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Faust Parts I & II. A complete verse translation with stage instructions and line numbers.

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The Restless Spirit. A critical scene by scene study of Goethe's Faust. The downloads also contain the above verse translation of the play, to which the study headings are hyper-linked.

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Selected Poems. Fifty-four major poems in verse translation.

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A Selection of Poems from his complete works, in verse translation, including Morphine, Der Scheidende, Der Asra, and lyrics from the Buch der Lieder.

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Rainer Maria Rilke

Duino Elegies.  The ten Elegies complete.

The Fountain of Joy.  A new, original line-by-line commentary on the Duino Elegies.

Selected Poems from his complete works, including Requiem for a Friend, and extracts from the Sonnets to Orpheus.

A further twenty poems from his early and late works.

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   Greek (Ancient):

• Translations by George Theodoridis


Agamemnon: The murder of the King.

The Choephori: Orestes returns to Argos to take vengeance.

The Eumenides: The third play in the Oresteian Trilogy.

Persians: The Persian defeat.

Prometheus Bound: The defiance of tyranny.

The Seven Against Thebes: Assault on Boeotian Thebes.

The Suppliant Maidens: Danaus and his fifty daughters.

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Acharnians: The first bawdy, irreverent play of his anti-war trilogy in a new, exciting and explicit translation.

Birds: The master at his funniest and most brilliant.

Clouds: A fine new translation of this fascinating play.

Frogs: A comic masterpiece written beneath the shadow of defeat.

Knights: Saga of the sausage-seller.

 Lysistrata: The famous final part of his dramatic trilogy.

Peace: A further part of his dramatic trilogy opposing  the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta.

Wasps: Another buzz from the Old Comedy.

Wealth: The master returns!

Women at the Festival (Thesmophoriazousae): Unexpurgated!

Women In Parliament: More fun from the home of the politically incorrect.

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Alcestis: A myth of self-sacrifice.

Andromache: Hector's widow and the aftermath of Troy.

Bacchae: His masterpiece.

Cyclops: Odysseus and the Cyclops.

Elektra: His drama on a theme also employed by Sophocles.

Hekabe: His drama on the Hecuba theme.

Helen: The story of Helen of Troy.

Heracleidae: The children of Heracles.

Herakles: A drama of Heracles.

Hippolytus: The Phaedra tragedy.

Ion: A Satyr Play.

Iphigeneia at Aulis: The Greeks sail for Troy.

Iphigeneia in Tauris: The Priestess of Artemis.

Medea: The late master of the Greek Drama, with a gripping theme.

Orestes: The aftermath of vengeance.

Phoenician Women: In a new translation.

Rhesus: An incident from the Trojan War.

Suppliant Women: The aftermath of the War of the Seven Against Thebes.

Trojan Women: The Fall of Troy.

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Greek Poetry:

Poetry from the lyric texts: Anacreon to Sappho and beyond.

Sappho: Selected Poems.

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His play: Dyskolos or The Grouch.

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Ajax: A new translation of this little-known play.

Antigone: His tragedy concerning the conflict between public and private morality.

Elektra: His drama on a theme also employed by Euripides.

Oedipus Rex: The drama and tragedy of King Oedipus.

Oedipus at Colonus: The final drama of King Oedipus.

Philoctetes: The bow of Heracles and the Trojan War.

Women of Trachis: In a new translation.

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• Translations by A.S.Kline


The Iliad: The killing fields of Troy.

A new, complete, downloadable, English translation, with hyper-linked in-depth index.

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The Odyssey: The wanderings of Odysseus.

A new, complete, downloadable, English translation, with hyper-linked in-depth index.

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Selected Poems and Fragments: Reconstructed from the source text.

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•   Italian:


The Divine Comedy: A new, complete, downloadable, English translation, with hyper-linked in-depth name index, and comprehensive notes. A printed book version is also available, see Printed Books.

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Meditations on the Divine Comedy: A canto by canto commentary on the concepts and intentions behind The Divine Comedy.

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La Vita Nuova: A new English translation of  'The New Life'.

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Selected Rime: Selected Poems from Dante's verse.

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Convivio: The Banquet, Dante's commentary on three of his canzoni, providing an interesting background to the philosophy of the Divine Comedy.

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Guido Cavalcanti:

Thirty-six selected poems including a new translation of 'Donna me prega'.

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The Complete Canti.

Browse          Download


Selected Poems by Eugenio Montale.

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The Complete Canzoniere, and an introductory selection.

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Selected poems by Salvatore Quasimodo.

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Italian Poetry to 1600:

A selection of poems from Early and Renaissance Italy. Including translations of poems by Guido Cavalcanti, Lorenzo de Medici, Poliziano, Michelangelo, Vittoria Colonna, Gaspara Stampa, and Tasso.

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Five 20th Century Italian Poets:

Fifty poems from the early 20th Century by Umberto Saba, Dino Campana, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Salvatore Quasimodo, and Eugenio Montale.

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The Golden Ass: the transformations of Lucius Apuleius, and the rites of Isis.

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Carmina Burana:

Translations from the medieval text including the material used by Carl Orff in his scenic cantata.

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The complete unexpurgated poems, with hyper-linked in-depth index.

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The four books of Odes complete.

The Satires, Epistles and Ars Poetica with an in-depth hyper-linked index.

The Epodes (unexpurgated), and Carmen Saeculare.

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The Satires. Incisive social analysis from the age of Hadrian.

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Selected unexpurgated epigrams.

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The Metamorphoses:  A new complete translation and in-depth mythological index. The text is fully hyper-linked to the index, and vice versa. A printed book version is also available, see Printed Books.

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A Honeycomb For Aphrodite: A critical study of Ovid's Metamorphoses hyper-linked to the preceding translation.

Browse           Download

The Amores: The early erotic Elegies, mainly addressed to his unknown lover, Corinna.

Browse           Download

The Art of Love. Ars Amatoria: Ovid's guidance to aspiring lovers, in the tricky game of love.

Browse           Download

The Cures for Love. Remedia Amoris: Ovid's help for lovers trying to escape from love.

Browse          Download

The Heroides: Letters from eighteen mythological women to their lovers or ex-lovers.

Browse          Download

Poems of Exile: The Tristia, Ex Ponto, and Ibis with a hyper-linked in-depth index.

Browse          Download

Fasti: Ovid's Poem on the Roman Calendar, with a hyper-linked in-depth index.

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The Satires. A fine and distinctive voice from the age of Nero.

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Sextus Propertius:

The Love Elegies in translation, with an in-depth index.

Browse         Download


Silvae.  Occasional poems from the age of Domitian.

Browse         Download

Thebaid.  His epic of the Seven Against Thebes, which was highly valued by Dante and Chaucer and influenced both Renaissance theatre and epic.

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The Twelve Caesars in a new prose translation, with an in-depth hyperlinked index.

Browse         Download

Tibullus and Sulpicia:

The complete poems of Tibullus and of Sulpicia.

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The Eclogues The pastoral poems.

The Georgics.  On Farming.

The Aeneid. The Epic of Aeneas of Troy and the origins of Rome.

Browse            Download



Anna Akhmatova:

Extensive selected poems in verse translation.

Browse            Download

Clear Voices:

Sixty-eight poems translated from the Russian including poems by Pushkin, Blok, Akhmatova, and Mandelstam.

Browse            Download

Osip Mandelshtam:

Twenty-four major Poems in verse translation, including Tristia.

Browse            Download

Forty-four more Poems in verse translation.

Browse            Download

Boris Pasternak:

Twenty-Two Poems in verse translation.

Browse            Download

Alexander Pushkin:

Eugene Onegin in rhyming verse translation.

Browse            Download

Marina Tsvetaeva:

Twenty-Four Poems in verse translation.

Browse            Download




Selected Poems. Twenty poems of Rafael Alberti.

Browse          Download


Selected Poems. Twenty-one poems of Jorge Luis Borges.

Browse          Download


Selected Poems. Twenty-six sonnets by Luis de Góngora y Argote.

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Miguel Hernandéz:

Selected poems on love and other personal themes.

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Further Selected Poems by this great Spanish poet, including his elegy for Lorca.

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Federico García Lorca:


Extensive Selected poems, Theory and Play of the Duende, his plays Blood Wedding, Yerma, The House of Bernarda Alba, and Dona Rosita the Spinster and the Language of Flowers, his lectures on Deep Song, and Lullabies, his radio talk Holy Week in Granada, and his prose Impressions of Granada of 1918.


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Antonio Machado:

A selection of his major poems.

Browse        Download

Pablo Neruda:

An extensive selection of his major poems.

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St John Of The Cross

Seven spiritual poems by San Juan de la Cruz.

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José Zorrilla:

Don Juan Tenorio, in English verse, with parallel Spanish text and line numbers (translated in collaboration with Nancy Mayberry).

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   Various Languages:

Tendresses: Translations of poems in the European Languages from: Sappho, Catullus, Dante, Petrarch, Goethe, Leopardi, Pushkin, Heine, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Mandelstam, Machado, Akhmatova, Quasimodo, Celan, and Neruda.

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Aphorisms: A selection of aphorisms from notebooks: 1980-2009.

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Rare Song Lyrics and Poetry: Jill Rogoff's site contains translations of rare song lyrics and poetry from Early Italian, Medieval French, Ladino etc. Jill is building the collection to assist musicians and singers like herself in achieving a better understanding of these early lyrics.


Stretch Your Mind, with this personal selection of links to texts at Project Gutenberg, as a tribute to Michael S. Hart (1947-2011) inventor of the e-book.


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